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06 January 2016 @ 11:52 pm
Day 6, 19 Dec 2015  

Day #6, Fukuoka, Saga, Osaka

Got hyped on the night before, I couldn't get enough sleep... but still I woke up early. We need to packed quick since we have to left early so I could buy more goods in the dome. The hotel provided a proper breakfast and I enjoyed it very much. We rode the taxi to get to the station then take a train to reach Hakata Station. I was so sleepy inside the warm train, thanks to the good breakfast and the lack of sleep combined. We got off at Hakata Station and I left my friend with my luggage so she can stay in the manga kissa while waiting to meet her friend later.

Just like yesterday, I took the bus to Yafuoka Dome and there's already queue tho it's not as long as yesterday. More queue waiting for me in from of the dome where people seemed to gather there to grab their goods. No wonder, it was the last day in Fukuoka anyway. After I got some of my goods I meet a friend who's watching the live that day. We could only talk very briefly since she was in the queue and I walked right beside it. She just arrived from a long bus trip from Miyagi all the way to Fukuoka tho. I caught up with my friend back in Hakata Station then take the train so we can meet her another friend. That friend will fetch us the the airport.

The luggage is heavy and my friend's friend, whose name is Chihiro-san, was kindly helping us to drag the bag down the stairs. There's no elevator or escalator there. We stopped by a cafe and ordered some drinks and waffle. Turned out that Chihiro-san had visited our town before and she speaks Bahasa pretty fluent (understand a lot too!) which impressed me. We brought bags full of concert goods and when the cafe's staff asked us for a photograph for their cafe's facebook, my friend asked if it's okay to bring out the uchiwas LOL. So we took photograph while holding uchiwas with all the 5 members face plus the Yarisugichatta Calendar, haha. The girls asked what brought us to Fukuoka, and we exactly said that we went for Arashi concert. Sasuga Arashi, they said. After that we checked the cafe's facebook and found our pics there with the staff's comment, “Matsujun is my favorite” ahaha. Chihiro-san drove us to the airport and it was giri-giri, almost time to get aboard. Nevertheless, we were able to say thanks and goodbye to Chihiro-san properly and told her to come to our town again, soon. See you again, Chihiro-san!!!

We have to wait for a while even after we're abroad the plane, I feel even more sleepy. I guess it only took an hour... and a half? to reach Kansai Airport from Fukuoka. We need to take the free shuttle bus from  Terminal 2 where we got off and take the train to our hotel from there. Our hotel located near Shin Imamiya station and it was pretty old building. It wasn't that late so after dropping off our luggage in the hotel room we're headed to Namba for a dinner and a quick shopping.

Shin Imamiya to Namba it's just about 3 stations away but the difference is clear: while Shin Imamiya looks like a quiet townskirt, Namba is totally bustling and rattling with people everywhere! (which I'm sure most are tourists) It was Saturday night too. My friend led me to Cafe Bintang, that specialized in Indonesian food. Like why? She's been mumbling all night that she really missed our local food after all... well, couldn't help it. After that we do our quick shopping around Dotonbori and then headed back to the hotel.
When my friend went to bath on the first floor she met a Korean girl who turned out to be a Kinki Kids' fan. Haha. I know that Kinki Kids has a live concert in Osaka around the date however I just didn't imagine that I'll meet a fan who's actually came to the live. And away from Korea too! Her name is Bora-san and we talked for a length about Johnny's in general and about our experience in the live concert. Of course we couldn't stay up long and soon we said good night to each other. Oh the thrill! But now it's time for rest. Sleep!!!!!