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13 July 2012 @ 09:26 am
[sticky post] me?  

Plain. Bookworm. Arasick.

Baited by The Fishing Leader via Uta no Onii-san and Kumori nochi, Kaisei.
First impact song is Subarashiki Sekai (the one performed in AAA 2008 Kokuritsu).
In between Ohno Satoshi and Matsumoto Jun. *oh, great*

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30 August 2018 @ 05:44 am

Happy 35, Matsumoto Jun-kun!!!

Yes, it's not changing after all this time. The more I know you, the more interesting things I found about you. I'm still surprised when you surpassed your own self.
Jun-kun, you're fine the way you are, complete with all your strengths and weaknesses, your stoic, passionate side and flaws. I'm glad I know you.

I hope we can see each other soon.
Stay healthy and be happy!!!
Kore kara mo yoroshiku onegaishimasu~

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12 June 2018 @ 03:39 pm

It's just the same.
I'm quite busy at work and now that I get holidays I want to write something.
I think I get a little bit excited for Arashi's new single. The more exciting part for me probably the fact that the song is for Koshien. Now that's impressive. Reminds me of GUTS! somehow. And that brought me back to Yowakutemo Katemasu. I watched the drama last night. I can't believe it was 4 years ago!!! Time sure flies eh?
Talk about Arashi's recent singles, I was pretty taken away with Shiro ga Mau (rather than Find the Answer) but I have to say the couplings are even more catchy. The previous single, Doors, is a complete treat I say. It's been a while for Arashi to release that kind of song. It occupies my playlist for weeks, even months (until now).
Tsunagu was... I was speechless. It was supposed to be simple yet It run deep inside my head. I, who rarely buy a single, even contemplating whether I should take the regular version, just because I love the instrumental version as much as the full version. Yeah, I'm that maniacal. Honestly.
I'm okay with I'll be there, however. The performance were growing on me more than the song itself.

Lately I've been following Johnny's Jr. YouTube channel. When it was announced I was so happy and made a promise to myself to support them even just a bit. Like I always said, I like Johnny's in general and that's including the Jrs. Even when I'm not always watching them all the time, there were occurrences here and there where I bumped into them. I sometimes watch shokura, for example. One of my favourite part is to find senpai's songs I love to be performed by the Jrs.
So yeah, I'm quite familiar with some of the Jrs and the groups inside. SixTones for example, I quite knew them thanks to friends who like them around me. For a long time I couldn't differentiate shintaro from hokuto I even bought the wrong shop photos for my friend when I went for my Japan trip back then. Now, thankfully, I can separate them one from the other lol. But then I found myself... Eh, who's this guy that guesting in Nino's Black Pean? Obviously I found out by elimination. Not jesse, not juri, not taiga, not the mistaken twins, then... Of course. It's kouchi!!! Hahaha.
I am also familiar of Snowman group but I didn't really know the members' name and which one is whom, aside from the tall Ganchan (even though a friend has specifically crash-coursed me about them a while back).
As for Travis Japan, I'm pretty familiar to some of its members due to no other than their senpai's Arashi Japonism tour. I saw myself with my own two eyes the members when they backdanced Arashi in the concert. I've known Miyachika from Onii-chan Gacha (he's the one I like, more than Kishi Yuta's toi I have to admit), Noel because he caught my eyes in butai Shounentachi and such, and Shime-chan because Aiba mentioned him a lot. Like, A LOT. Of course it's also an advantage that he acted as Aiba's personal assistant for his solo, Mr. Funk. So yeah, shime has a big screen time and stole quite the attention there. Too bad the other 2 members I'm familiar with (because my friends couldn't stop talking about them): aran and myuto weren't part of the team who joined Japonism. Still... At that time I didn't know the other members' name, sadly. I think I was pretty lucky to be able to watch Travis Japan in Arashi's concert because they're pretty much didn't backed Arashi in Digitalian (which I also attended) nor the year after Japonism in Are You Happy? tour (which I didn't attend, conversely).
The other two younger Jrs group that is Hi Hi Jets and Tokyo B-shounen I just recently knew them and am learning about them. Their lineup looks great and they look like fun and interesting kids, I have to say. And did I mention that kids nowadays are generally tall? I was impressed. Those chibikos seems to be even growing taller this summer, it must be the growth spurt period for the boys. Good for them. I totally approve (nods, nods).

Okay, since this is getting longer than I thought it was I'll continue this post to part 2.

To be continued...

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26 February 2018 @ 07:42 am

I woke up from the most bizarre, strange, and weird dream this morning. That is... Ohno Satoshi is having a concert in the town (and in the whole country, really!). Pipl are frantic and surprisingly a loooooot of pipl attending. I suppose the whole Arashians in the country gathered here. Or else I just dunno the number of Arashians in the town, I suppose. That's just too many pipl.

Before the concert started, they throw quizzes to the audience. For starter, they asked how old Ohno currently is. The number of people who raised their hands totally shocked me!!! I'm pretty sure it was around 70-80% of the whole audiences. Either there are indeed many pipl who know or they are just too eager to get the prize LOL. I don't really remember what was it tho, I think it's the latest Arashi CD or something.

So the quiz happened before the concert in an wide area where pipl gathered. It looks like a wide field outside a building. Pipl are standing there. But when we get inside the concert venue, there are chairs sets in rows. The stage isn't that high, surprisingly.

As I remember, the first song strongly reminded me of yama pair, so it's either Hung Up On or Oretachi no Song, maybe even both!!! (Another theory is that Ohno performed T.A.B.O.O but maybe it's just mind try to trick me). I was already super duper excited by then. The next song is... unexpectedly their new song, Find the Answer. As you all know, the first verses was Jun's part. So instead of Jun himself (I wish!!!) or Ohno singing the part, there's a Jr walked to the front part of the stage singing the part. It's already absurd here, but more ridiculously, the Jr were wearing purple costume complete with perfect purple mask with glorious feathers. It was all absurdity!!! Really!

The bad part is that I woke up soon after so now I have Find the Answer constantly playing inside my head ever since. And believe me, it's been playing there aaalllll daaaayyyyy loooooooongggg.

Well, obviously I know Find the Answer would grow on me (as usual) but in fact, Shiro ga Mau is the song that I instantly like and fell to first time I listened to it. Now... somehow Find the Answer has taken over, haha. Well okay, maybe they're equal now. And oh! Have I mentioned that I loooooveee all the couplings? It's been a while, really.

Yep, overall it was a weird and impactful dream. LOL.

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26 November 2017 @ 05:13 pm

Happy 37th to our Riida!!!
Thank you for being yourself.
Thank you for taking care of Arashi and let them be.
Thank you for being the constant calmness in the group.
Thank you for so many other things.
I wish you happiness, health, and all the best.
Thank you.