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13 July 2012 @ 09:26 am
[sticky post] me?  

Plain. Bookworm. Arasick.

Baited by The Fishing Leader via Uta no Onii-san and Kumori nochi, Kaisei.
First impact song is Subarashiki Sekai (the one performed in AAA 2008 Kokuritsu).
In between Ohno Satoshi and Matsumoto Jun. *oh, great*

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26 February 2018 @ 07:42 am

I woke up from the most bizarre, strange, and weird dream this morning. That is... Ohno Satoshi is having a concert in the town (and in the whole country, really!). Pipl are frantic and surprisingly a loooooot of pipl attending. I suppose the whole Arashians in the country gathered here. Or else I just dunno the number of Arashians in the town, I suppose. That's just too many pipl.

Before the concert started, they throw quizzes to the audience. For starter, they asked how old Ohno currently is. The number of people who raised their hands totally shocked me!!! I'm pretty sure it was around 70-80% of the whole audiences. Either there are indeed many pipl who know or they are just too eager to get the prize LOL. I don't really remember what was it tho, I think it's the latest Arashi CD or something.

So the quiz happened before the concert in an wide area where pipl gathered. It looks like a wide field outside a building. Pipl are standing there. But when we get inside the concert venue, there are chairs sets in rows. The stage isn't that high, surprisingly.

As I remember, the first song strongly reminded me of yama pair, so it's either Hung Up On or Oretachi no Song, maybe even both!!! (Another theory is that Ohno performed T.A.B.O.O but maybe it's just mind try to trick me). I was already super duper excited by then. The next song is... unexpectedly their new song, Find the Answer. As you all know, the first verses was Jun's part. So instead of Jun himself (I wish!!!) or Ohno singing the part, there's a Jr walked to the front part of the stage singing the part. It's already absurd here, but more ridiculously, the Jr were wearing purple costume complete with perfect purple mask with glorious feathers. It was all absurdity!!! Really!

The bad part is that I woke up soon after so now I have Find the Answer constantly playing inside my head ever since. And believe me, it's been playing there aaalllll daaaayyyyy loooooooongggg.

Well, obviously I know Find the Answer would grow on me (as usual) but in fact, Shiro ga Mau is the song that I instantly like and fell to first time I listened to it. Now... somehow Find the Answer has taken over, haha. Well okay, maybe they're equal now. And oh! Have I mentioned that I loooooveee all the couplings? It's been a while, really.

Yep, overall it was a weird and impactful dream. LOL.

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26 November 2017 @ 05:13 pm

Happy 37th to our Riida!!!
Thank you for being yourself.
Thank you for taking care of Arashi and let them be.
Thank you for being the constant calmness in the group.
Thank you for so many other things.
I wish you happiness, health, and all the best.
Thank you.


25 November 2017 @ 06:46 am

It's trulybeen a while huh?
When was the last time I posted here?
Anyway, today is this livejournal's 6th7th(!) anniversary, I lost count!!! Wow. I definitely didn't think it would be this long.

I was busy enough with work. It's not that I'm constantly busy but with one work finished, another work came pretty soon enough I only had some short breaks in between. Which is quite nice.

On the other hand, while I wasn't able to go to Japan, this year particularly full of trips: family's and work's included. I went to 3 cities this year, including 2 (or 3?) new places I haven't been before. I managed to get my mother and sister to go on a trip (that is for lovu_lovu_aiba's wedding, hehe) with me and it made my mother very happy. Also another trip was marked as my first domestic flight experience which actually happened in my country, haha. I've been on domestic flights before 'tho, but they were in Japan.

There's also a sad news. Which is my friend from my school days has passed away recently. It was unexpected and it was so sudden. We'd been hanging around a lot around the early year of college because we have the same hobby and interest. What I can do now is pray a lot for her. I wish her for the best in peace.

Anyway, I have watched a few Japanese movies on cinemathis year, thanks to the new opened cinema in the town. Besides some Ghibli's movies due to the fest, I got to watch Gintama and Shinobi no Kuni in theatre. Which is super great. Too bad I couldn't watch JoJo because it wasn't showing in my town but rather in my neighbor town. It was rather a long trip to go there and unfortunately my schedule didn't allow to me to slip it in between the whole week JoJo was screened. Well well.

Oh yeah, I realize this is OHNOVEMBER!!!
Yet I haven't made anything Ohno-related for tomorrow...
What should I make? Hmmm...
And I still have a wedding reception to attend after this...
As usual I'm babbling again.
Well, that's all for now.

Just a pic of the beach outside town I went to in August. What a hidden gem.

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27 November 2016 @ 11:09 am

I know it's a late post.

While our Riida has turned 36, my LJ here has also turned 6!!! YAY!!! 🎉🎊🎇🎆😁
I honestly didn't remember why I picked November 25th as the date to make this LJ account... yeah, only a day earlier from the birthday of the person who baited me as an Arashian. Maybe it was just a sheer luck or merely coincidence. Nevertheless, I'm glad.

I met many people since I'm into Arashi, a lot of them online, and some more I even met in real life. I couldn't be more grateful to be able to know people from the other side of the world just because we have the common interest, which is Arashi. Courtesy of our fishing leader, Ohno Satoshi, of course.

To all the people I met through the subbing team (I'm glad to be part of you, girls... even what I've done is practically nothing compared to the translators, timers, and typesetters), the people I met through twitter (which I made as a communication means for the subbing team, initially), the people I met through Line group (extended from both twitter/LJ connection), the people I met from the buyer-seller relationship, and the people I met when I went to see the boys (and the trip, naturally), I'm so truly very glad I've met you all.

Oh, and of course the people I met through tumblr!!! I'm not as active as way back then but I still visit it from time to time.

I've never thought that this journal will reach this age, really. Or more like I've never thought that I will be in this Arashian realm this long. Hence explained the username I chose for this LJ. I made this LJ account on a whim, never meant it as something I would use a lot. The name "justfever" relates to what I feel back then. I thought when I like Arashi it would be a temporary thing and I quite sure it was just a short period, so maybe it was just a fever I guess. A fever that will be gone sooner or later. But then... look at me now. I have never imagined that I will like them so much to even made to their concert twice, moreover went on journeys to a faraway country. I made big steps here and there, something I treasured and cherished. Before I know it, this fever has been running this long.

So, "meeting" Arashi gave a lot of "firsts" for me. Creating this journal is only one of them. On the other hand, Arashi gave me a lot more too: support, inspiration, motivation, solace, comfort, determination, hope, and gratitude for everything I got in every day life. For me, Arashi is like a friend that walk together side by side with me, sometimes offering hand for support when I wasn't able to stand or walk.

I'm glad I know Arashi. As simple as that.

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