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13 July 2012 @ 09:26 am
[sticky post] me?  

Plain. Bookworm. Arasick.

Baited by The Fishing Leader via Uta no Onii-san and Kumori nochi, Kaisei.
First impact song is Subarashiki Sekai (the one performed in AAA 2008 Kokuritsu).
In between Ohno Satoshi and Matsumoto Jun. *oh, great*

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13 October 2018 @ 09:34 am

Well, I don't really know what I want to write... it's just that I want to write.
Recently I have a lot of mornings (or any time of the day) when I woke up with certain song playing inside my head. Many of those times I was practically humming the song as soon as I opened my eyes. It's kinda strange. Of course I have experienced this in the past as well, but never this often.
Sometimes it's a song that I listened the day/night before, sometimes it's a song that I haven't even listened for a while... I wonder why. Does the lately hot and bright weather have anything to do with it?
The good thing is, the song that's played in my head somehow set my mood right away from the morning. I don't think I'm bad in waking up early but I'm the type that takes my morning slow, in a calm and quiet atmosphere. I don't really like to rush in the morning (I hate when people being noisy in the morning too!!!) and tend to take my time doing anything. I'm obviously not chirpy in the morning, either. So yes, the song has somehow set up my mood, thus my pace too.
Even tho I can't decide what song played in my head every morning, this has become my support system in a way. This, and a glass of water and warm water in the morning. I dunno until how long this phenomenon(?) will last but meanwhile I try to enjoy it as much as possible. On the mornings when no song played I usually play my mp3s after taking a bath. I think it has become a routine now.

15 September 2018 @ 07:28 am

How long it's been since I posted about arashi's anniversary here? Must be years...? Or maybe I never wrote about it here? My memories of it is that I always post something in my tumblr instead.

Talk about anniversary, while arashi is turning 19, my years with them isn't that long yet. In spite of that, it doesn't mean that those years filled with nothing (far from that!!!). Quite the opposite, all these years were so rich and I have nothing than gratitude that I know arashi. I feel very very very lucky indeed. I'm not even sure (still is) if I do deserve this. Knowing them I mean. Because I received (and continue receiving) a lot from them, while on the other hand I don't think I'm much of a help for them. I mean, I don't buy their singles/albums (ok, maybe I bought some) and I rarely buy their dvds. Honestly, I just enjoy what they provided freely. And that's a lot!!! Abundance!!!

A lot of times (every time, even) I got encouraged by listening to arashi songs, watching their concert/shows, or even just by listening their radio shows and reading the translation of their interviews/magazine appearances. That's why I'm very grateful to a lot of translators who voluntarily translates arashi's media and share them in this fandom. I really did read a lot and learned a lot. Without those translators I won't know this much about arashi.

There were the days when I was struggling with my final paper for college and received encouragement and motivation from arashi songs: to be free, sora takaku, mukae ni iku yo. Back then, boku no miteiru fukei is practically the soundtrack of my life, for a year at least.

There were the days when listening to aiba-chan's laughing in his radio shows is enough to boost my mood. It really brightened my day, to the point that I always listen to them in my trip from home to work to build my spirit up.

There were also the nights when I feel helpless and sooth my mind by listening to be with you and ohno's two and subarashiki sekai (my all time ultimate soundtrack).

Oh all those nights when I couldn't sleep and just put a whole of arashi's songs in my playlist to put me to sleep... Back then I couldn't sleep in a new place right away, so I always go to sleep while putting my earphone with the music playing. It was the period when I started to get overnight trips due to work. As a student (and child) I didn't get to travel a lot aside from going to grandparents' house in holidays, so I didn't get to experience overnight stays anywhere unfamiliar.

There were many other (hard/happy/sad/helpless) circumstances where again and again arashi help me through. Like when I watch aiba-chan's letter in 24hr tv or another shows that make me shed my tears, at the same time I feel so relieved that I was able to cry. It makes me think that sometimes crying can be soothing and calming too. Afterwards I usually feel refreshed and a lot better.

There are the days when I go on trip or doing my job with arashi's songs constantly playing in my head. Often I woke up in the morning with certain song ringing inside me... that was weird but usually put me in good mood. There are many happy, good times and hard or sad time... but I think overall it's all good. I'm just living my life while doing my best to truly feel and enjoy it anyway (singing ari no mama de ii🎵).
Thank you arashi, from now on too I'll be counting on you!!! Let's keep going!!! Yosh!!! 💪💪💪💪💪

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01 September 2018 @ 09:35 am

Since I love to listen songs in my cellphone/pc at work, I often make mp3 rips for performances or songs that has no CD releases yet. Yeah, especially Johnny's Jr. songs. They have a lot of great unreleased songs (which I hope to be released, someday, soon) and so I thought why not share them anyway. I want people to listen more to those songs. I also include the rips of senpai's cover performance for the songs that I like. That, anyway, is one of the reason why I watch shokura and following Jrs.

All ripped at 320 kbps.

**23/10/18 updated
*11/10/18 updated
*02/10/18 updated
*18/09/18 updated

From The Shounen Club
2016.02.10 Cherish - Jrs. OD | GD
2016.03.09 Sotsugyou ~ Sayounara wa Ashita no Tame ni - Jrs. OD | GD
2016.06.01 Nami - Jrs. OD | GD
2017.10.13 Shounentai Medley (One Step Beyond, Funky Flushin', Kimi Dake ni) - Prince OD | GD *
2017.11.03 HiB HiB Dream OD | GD
2017.11.03 Garasu no Juudai + Winning Run - Sato Atsuhiro, HiHi Jet, Jrs. OD | GD *
2017.12.08 Koi wo Shiranai Kimi e - Prince OD | GD *
2018.01.05 Dance with Me ~ Lesson 1 - Travis Japan OD | GD
2018.01.12 Cosmic Melody - Tokyo B Shounen OD | GD
2018.02.09 HiB HiB Dream - HiHi B Shounen OD | GD
2018.04.06 Destination - HiHi Jets OD | GD *
2018.05.04 Garasu no Juudai + Winning Run - Sato Atsuhiro, HiHi Jets, Jrs. OD | GD *
2018.05.11 Step and Go - HiHi B Shounen OD | GD **
2018.05.11 Welcome to My Hometown - HiHi Jets OD | GD
2018.06.01 Ultra Music Power - HiHi B Shounen OD | GD
2018.06.01 Perfect - HiHi Jets, Jr. OD | GD *
2018.06.01 Highteen Boogie - Snowman, Sixtones, and Travis Japan OD | GD
2018.06.08 Tension - HiHi Jets OD | GD **
2018.06.08 Happy Groovy - Travis Japan OD | GD
2018.06.08 Super Delicate - Tokyo B Shounen OD | GD
2018.08.10 HiHi Jets Introduction Rap OD | GD
2018.10.12 baby gone - HiHi Jets OD | GD **

From Other Shows
Hi Hi Jet (stage vers.) - All Jrs. / Johnny's Jr. Island OD | GD
HiB HiB Dream - HiHi B Shounen / Kings Station ep. 5 OD | GD

From Jr. YouTube Channel
Happy Groovy - Travis Japan OD | GD
Yume no Hollywood - Travis Japan OD | GD
Summer Station, Minamina Sama - HiHi B Shounen OD | GD
Summer Station, Minamina Sama (EX Roppongi Theater vers.) - HiHi B Shounen OD | GD *
Hi Hi Jet - HiHi Jets OD | GD
Cosmic Melody - Tokyo B Shounen OD | GD
Cosmic Melody (full vers.) - Tokyo B Shounen OD | GD *
baby gone - HiHi Jets OD | GD
Snow Dream - Snow Man OD | GD
Snow Dream (full vers.) - Snow Man OD | GD **
HiHi Jets Introduction Rap (EX Roppongi Theater vers.) - HiHi Jets OD | GD *

shokura @lj shokura
gitagitagila @lj gitagitagila
kinpuri comm @lj kinpuri
the dance family @lj mix_madmade
snowman comm @lj mis_snow_man
jonitaaiu @blogspot [link]
jr channel @youtube [link]

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30 August 2018 @ 05:44 am

Happy 35, Matsumoto Jun-kun!!!

Yes, it's not changing after all this time. The more I know you, the more interesting things I found about you. I'm still surprised when you surpassed your own self.
Jun-kun, you're fine the way you are, complete with all your strengths and weaknesses, your stoic, passionate side and flaws. I'm glad I know you.

I hope we can see each other soon.
Stay healthy and be happy!!!
Kore kara mo yoroshiku onegaishimasu~

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