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Baited by The Fishing Leader via Uta no Onii-san and Kumori nochi, Kaisei.
First impact song is Subarashiki Sekai (the one performed in AAA 2008 Kokuritsu).
In between Ohno Satoshi and Matsumoto Jun. *oh, great*

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I didn't really plan to update today. But I guess I'll write anyway 'cause I get this chance.
Since it's already 24th in Japan, I'd like to wish our beloved Aiba-chan happy belated birthday!!!!! 38th. Wow.
Obviously my precious memory about Aiba-chan's bday would be the one where it was celebrated together in Tokyo Dome, 6 years ago now. That night we got the 1st synchronized penlights spelled for the birthday boy. That was also the night we got an encore (that made it to the DVD!). It was a night of laughs and tears and smiles and warmth. It was that memorable.
I hope this year it will be a memorable day for our Aiba-chan too!!!!!

summery ochan

a very late update

Late... because of the time. It's 23.48. 17th.
Yesterday was my work shift's day. Early in the morning it was raining quite a bit. Thankfully when I headed out of the house it's already stopped. The short walkway from my public transport stop to the office is still wet, I had to walk slightly more carefully because it could've been slippery. Which reminds me that I saw one of the motor rider fell on my way just minutes earlier. She seems to be okay tho, other road users helped her. I'm sure she must be shocked.
By midday the sky remained cloudy and grey yet the rain didn't come down. I meant ro have a lunch break outside when I noticed that it's actually pouring very lightly. What do you call it... Not drizzle? Gotta check google. Hmm... Very light shower? Lol. Nevermind, it was actually stopped or at least it didn't bother me when I stepped outside for a quick lunch walk.
Surprisingly, the sun shone through in the afternoon when I go home. It was a nice afternoon tbh, with warm temperature and light breeze.
Anyway, today I worked from home and got a little bit stuck with a new design idea. I wasn't sure about the colour schemes and the collage arrangements. Well, even with the fonts combination too, in fact. It took me for a while until I found the composition I'm okay with. Still, there's some aspects that don't feel right. I spent the whole day tinkering with it. Guess I need to sleep it off and see what needs to be altered tomorrow (already got few ideas in mind tho).
Right, it's already 00.06 now (18th!).
Gotta sleep. Oyasuminasai~


summery ochan

(no subject)

I started watching #AliceInBorderland yesterday. The 1st ep early in the morning before I went for work. Managed to push half part of episode 2 while I had my lunch.
It was cloudy all day... I think? I don't remember if it was bright in the morning... Maybe a little bit of sunlight? But by noon it's raining, not that hard, just sort of comes and goes. It was raining when I got ready to go home. I decided to back earlier than usual since I need to catch up with Ohno's Freestyle Exhibition livestream. Normally I go home around 4, initially I wanted to finish on 3, but managed to get away half an hour later (partially because of last minute task).
The rain and the cold weather already made me craves for a cup of hot chocolate. I wasn't really sure if my powdered cocoa is still in stock and contemplated whether I could drop by at the nearest minimarket to grab a cup... Then I think better of it, I don't wanna be late for the livestream afterall. Milo (which I have in abundance) will do if my cocoa stock proved to be scarce.
I was lucky! Still had a packet of my cocoa so I was enjoying the livestream (turned out I was on time~ had spare times even) while sipping it. Heaven.
Well, the stream was rather unsurprisingly short. I thought it would be an hour at least, turned out it was only 40 minutes. It was rather... carefree? It's clear that the show was carried on Ohno's MyPace™ style, more than anything. We got glimpse of some artworks and get a detailed report on (few) others. It was actually relaxing. I suppose we just have to open the book for closer look (my sister already got her copy!!!).
I didn't watch the Music Station live, saw the tl flooded with it tho. Last night I was able to finish the latter half of the 2nd ep up until episode 3 of Alice in Borderland. I was literally passed out after that (while reading on my tablet, I suppose). I think I woke up few hours later to find that I was asleep while sitting on my foldable chair. The night is cold and somehow in my rather hazily sleepy state I succeeded in clearing away the chair and putting on my blanket and get myself to bed. I admit I have this habit of getting things done was I was sleepy that I don't remember doing when I wake up after (I got some confirmations from others too XD).
Woke up this morning to watch ep 4 until a half of ep 6. I stopped because I realized I want to have coffee and get a bit of reading. So I did, just now.

summery ochan

7 1 m 3

is a mystery.
is it a line?
or (mere) numbers?

Had my fave food today. It's great, it's more than enough.
Haven't got the chance to watch Alice in Borderland yet... Maybe tomorrow.

Wish my twin also had a great time today! All the best and luck for us in the upcoming year~


under the weather

Yesterday was a surprisingly bright day. The wind was strong ever since the night before. Yet sun shone brightly since early morning until the end of the day.  But then the night turned cold.
I think I caught cold since today I woke up with a headache. Pretty sure I wore my socks and double blankets already. The wind must be very chilly then.
Today has been cloudy to start with. Then we got some light rain at noon. It's been a cold one.
I hope I get better tomorrow, because it's #AliceInBorderland day!!!!! How exciting!

summery ochan

z z z

I'm sleepy.
(What's new)
I watched the world premiere live stream of alice in borderland earlier.
Super excited for Friday, oh wait, it's Thursday not Friday, really. Friday is actually my office shift this week -,-
Tao-chan is pretty and cute and adorable as always.
I also enjoy the appearance of yowakate casts reunions: zakiyama, dori, and shuntaro yanagi. Although I haven't really seen their characters directly meet in the trailers. Yet.
Nevertheless, can't wait for it!!!!!

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a quest.

I just found out (yesterday? 2 days ago?) that listening to a day in our life: reborn has brought a bittersweet feelings inside. Not much different from machikado no koibitotachi, really. That was actually surprising, for while I found that the original version is always a fond and fun one, it certainly doesn't evoke this kind of feelings. I'm pretty sure there's some painful, longing feelings too. Unexplainable.
Sometimes, when you feel something or when you feel like understand something, you know it's there without being able to label what is that exactly. So you read, you watch, you listen, you see, you observe, or sometimes you just be still and bask on it. Time will tell you what's that feeling is. For me, since I'm best with words, it's usually came out in a passage or lyrics from the things I read, or listen, or maybe even lines from character in shows/movies. That's right, at the times when I myself fail to find the right expression of what I feel, I just borrow them from others. Does that even make sense? I'm fully aware I'm not exactly a good writer (if I am indeed one), I am sure that I'm no poet either, for sure I'm more of a dead poet one.
Rarely tho, I found them in melodies. No, I'm not exactly a musical person. I'm practically a casual listener of music. I did get a music lesson when I was at school and it only proves that I'm slightly better at numbered notes compared to my horrible readings of standard musical notes (I think I'm a little bit okay with the ABC one). I'm also a terrible player (0 talent, really). Doesn't mean that music didn't fascinate me. It always has, in fact.
Thus, the less usual instances of "music hit the spots" for me proved to be revelations. In that way, I long believe that music is indeed universal.
Back to the matters tho, a day in our life: reborn has somehow hit me on the right spot. Do I feel like I'm too busy building my castle of sand? Or maybe it's the overwhelming nostalgic feeling of the arafes live I watched one month back? I'm still contemplating and searching. Meanwhile, I will still definitely basking on this precious feeling(s).
Sorry for my ramblings.


b r i g h t {morning|day|month|future}

The first morning of the ultimate month of the year proved to be a bright one. Even more surprising, the whole day has been bright, yesterday.
Today is no different, which is good. It's rather hot tonight.
I did not watch FNS live, tbh. But I heard about marius and wishing him well, hoping he get back to good health soon. Really hope he takes his time to rest leisurely.
This is aiba's month, as well as mine. December is a month full of memories and milestones for me. I just hope that this month will bring us good things, or even better (if possible), greater things. Otherwise, I wish for quiet and peaceful times where we can do things we like in our pace. Basically, just living it up, taking a good sip of it. I hope.
We can do this, we can get thru this.
Let our failure became our lesson.